Carol Petrucci

I am a Maryland based ceramic artist, painter and arts activist.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in Art and Community Organizing from the University of Illinois and a Masters Degree in Public Health from the University of Texas Houston. I have had a rewarding career working with youth facing difficult challenges and have found that my artistic talent and temperament have allowed me to reach young people in crisis in ways no other skills can.


I am a lifelong acrylic and oil painter. I have also produced a zine and was part a production crew for a cable-access show called Chick Chat. Over the last 7 years I have been exploring ceramics. I have had a successful series of sales and shows and I am a recipient of the 2016-2017 Artist and Scholars Project Grant, sponsored by the Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County Maryland to produce a series of sculptural pieces exploring the biodiversity of Montgomery County.

My work expresses both human ingenuity and our deep connection to nature. I gather inspiration from biological structures, textiles and graphic arts-offering surreal juxtapositions of nature and pattern.


I have experience in wheel-throwing and hand-building techniques. I have worked in a wide variety of surface embellishment and sculpture including carving, wax erosion and under-glazing. I have worked with several types of stoneware, porcelain and raku clays. I have glazed and fired work at cone 05, 5, 10 and raku.

I challenge the notion of art as an expression of beauty and the ideal.

I challenge the notion of ceramics as function.

I embrace art as a vehicle for communication and change.

I strive to cultivate more truth-telling.

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